Sporty Girls is looking for minority girls age 8-18 who are interested in or have experience in the non-traditional sports: swimming, soccer, golf, tennis or lacrosse.

A “Sporty Girl” is looking to get active, make new friends, and learn about one or more of our non-traditional sports. She is also looking to be inspired by both her amazing peers and volunteer mentors. But most importantly she wants to build her confidence both on and off the field!


My daughter Niara Durley knew that she wanted to be a Sporty Girl before Rashan even officially launched the program. Even at 7 years old, she was serious about swimming. Sporty Girls taught my daughter so many positive things about not only being an athlete but about being a true representation of a phenomenal young lady. Sporty Girls stressed the importance of education, nutrition, and philanthropy. My daughter developed so much confidence as a result of being a part of this program. She is now a sophomore at Tennessee State University where she has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is part of the Musical Theater program. Although she is no longer a competitive swimmer she did win several championships as a USA swimmer and now continues to use her skills as a life guard. SPORTY GIRLS ROCK!!! I would recommend this program for all young ladies.

Kenya D. – Sporty Girl Mom

As I began navigating middle school in a single-gender environment, my mother knew that she wanted to surround me in community that was filled with strong women who were faithful, caring, intentional in how they live their lives, and of course, athletic! I found that community in Sporty Girls’ instantly. Not only the friends that I met on the tennis courts and golf courses, but also the mentorship connections I discovered between the counselors and myself. The older I got, the more I saw the invaluable lessons that growing in community can bestow upon you. Through various lifestyle workshops, panels, discussions and presentations during Camp Elite and on Sporty Saturdays, we met with men and women who wake up everyday and choose to love the people around them through their talent, time, and treasure. Those influences inspire me daily and the routines and habits established through Sporty Girls keep me organized, goal oriented, and committed to an emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy lifestyle.

– Tamia L. Goodman, Princeton University, Class of 2019

Although difficult to completely capture into words, Sporty Girls has had more than an amazing impact on my daughter. Tamia began her Sporty Girls journey as a middle schooler and has remained a Sporty Girl ever since.  I am appreciative of not only the skills of determination, focus, hard work, and sharpness she developed as a tennis athlete, but the qualities of being a strong, bold and graceful young woman were enhanced, as well.  The sports camp, Sporty Saturdays, various workshops, and special outings, and lasting relationships became an integral part of her progression within the program and continue to favorably impact her growth into young adulthood as a college scholar and leader.  Her participation was one of the best decisions I made on her behalf.

– Letitia Green, Sporty Girl Mom